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2008-06-04 21:16:38 by Xcalivar52

I'm going to make a flash collaboration. In this I will have two people helping me out. Number One is: Bobert-Rob. I need another person to help me manage this flash. Please make flashes and email them to me. My email address is Fuck you, click this now. TYVM. Good night! ^.^


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2008-06-05 00:10:11

Eh... you'd need some kind of topic for a collaboration to work, dude. And it's not guaranteed I'll be able to do anything for you... especially with no topic for the artists to work with.

Xcalivar52 responds:

It's just going to be a random flash collaboration. About anything, from Aardvarks to Zuchinni (WTF) make a fun flash. This is a....collaboration for everyone to show off there talents. And yes, if you don't have talents (this means you Rob, just kidding XD) then what the hell, make a random flash! ^_^